Online Private Pakistani Masterclass


If you are looking to learn a new skill yourself or wish to give someone an incredible gift, why not book one of our PRIVATE ONLINE Pakistani cookery classes?


An amazing opportunity to experience making real Pakistani home-cooking from the comfort of your own kitchen!


This is a dedicated 3 hour class and you can arrange to learn the recipes you wish, allowing you to create a bespoke class.

Sumayya will be cooking the same dishes online with you. You can also use this opportunity to ask Sumayya any burning questions about Pakistani cookery and culinary culture


valentines day


-Welcome & Greeting:  Introduction of the class ; how it all works
-Introduction to ingredients and dishes
-Cooking starts (Sumayya will be virtually cooking alongside you)
-Q&A – please ask as many question as you like as we cook
-Dish up and enjoy!


One screen (up to 2 people) – £210

*Sumayya can recommend the essential store cupboard you will need for the class at booking.

*Menu will be discussed with Sumayya upon setting the date.

*Sumayya will send you all the information well in advance of the class – what you need to obtain (kitchen utensils, fresh ingredients, drinks to match). Log-in details and recipes will be sent together upon confirming your booking.


3 dishes of your choice: one menu consists of 3 dishes (one main and two side dishes), excluding a plain rice. Menu can be tailor-made for you with your preference and dietary requirements.

Menu provided on demand – please email us for enquiries.