Handmade Pasta & Homemade Sauces (Saturday 25th May 2019)


Date:  Saturday 25th May 2019

Time: 11am – 2 pm

Location: The Old Kitchen at The Old Barn, Pollok Park

This class will be run by our guest chef Guy Cowan who has travelled Italy far and wide in his journey to create delicious pasta-based dishes.  From feeding film stars to running a restaurant, Guy brings his experience and knowledge to Kaleyard, which welcomes him with open arms. 


During the class you will learn the simple yet satisfying art of making handmade pasta – from understanding pasta dough, ingredients and method followed by a demonstration of long pasta, e.g. tagliatelle/tagliolini, shapes e.g., garganelli/farfalle and filled pasta, e.g. ravioli.


Guy will demonstrate a couple of really quick but astonishingly tasty sauces before we sit back and enjoy our hard-work with a glass of wine.


For more information on Guy, his blog can be found here.

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Included in the course:

  • All ingredients 
  • Use of all equipment and aprons
  • Expert tuition
  • All recipes emailed to each attendee
  • We are a sustainable cook school and minimise the use of plastic so please bring your Tupperware for leftovers
  • Alcohol is not included, although you are welcome to bring a bottle of wine to enjoy with your meal