Middle Eastern Odyssey

Date: Sunday 20th September 2020

Time: 9.30 am – 3pm

Price: £120 per person / £220 per couple

Maximum 4 attendees per class


Join our founder Sumayya Usmani to discover the varied regional specialities of this incredibly diverse cuisine. From flavours of Persia, Africa, Arabia and the Levantine regions – you will be taken on a culinary journey guided by Sumayya, who has travelled the world since childhood, learning recipes from exposure to diverse cuisines.

The menu will change throughout the year, but expect vibrant flavour, exotic spiced dishes that will become part of your weekly repertoire.

Sumayya was born and raised in Karachi but travelled the world on ships as a child. She is known for highlighting the individuality of own cuisine through her cookery events, books, TV/radio appearances and social media presence.

Menu may include:

Tahdig saffron rice or Tachin rice

Gormeh Sabzi, lamb and herb stew with preserved lemons

Lavash bread making

Samna – Middle Eastern clarified butter

Perfect homemade harissa

Smoked aubergine dip with parsley and tahini

Perfect hummus

Muhammara red pepper dip with pomegranate molasses

Zhoug – Yemeni coriander, garlic and cardamom dip

Orange blossom rice pudding

Important note:

Sorry, we’re afraid this course is not suitable for those with allergies or specific dietary requirements. 

You will have a chance to purchase beautiful collection of spices as special prices on the day.

Please bring small Tupperware for any leftovers.

We provide all PPE for the duration of your class and please respect our social distancing rules when you are at the cook school. You will be asked to come at 930am so that we can complete our Covid-19 induction, and we would expect you to sign off our declaration form to this respect.

All participants will work on individual stations unless you are booking as a couple – please let us know if you’d like to work together. Due to social distancing rules each participants has to work to create each dish individually.

Order of the day:

  • Arrive at Kaleyard at 930 am
  • Make yourself at home
  • Meet Sumayya and begin your day with hot Moroccan mint and a traditional Middle Eastern treat.
  • Introduction
  • Sumayya will introduce you to regional Middle Eastern cooking, the spices you will be cooking with throughout the day and techniques for making the dishes.
  • You will learn about the powerful and vibrant ingredients used in Middle Eastern cuisine that imbue flavour and character.
  • At this stage we will also carry out our Covid-19 induction and will require you to sign off a declaration.

Session One

You will begin the day by making mezze specials using seasonal ingredients.

Session Two

In this session you will learn the art to make perfect Persian stew, using herbs and meat . Sumayya will explain regional differences and the many varieties of stews used across the Middle East.

Session Three

Balancing flavours is key in Middle Eastern cookery. Learn how to master this cooking technique of extracting flavour in your dish and prepare a vegetarian dish to serve alongside a Middle Eastern feast.


You’ll sit down for a delicious lunch of stew, breads, Bulgar wheat and accompaniments.

Session Four

In this session you will cook with meat. Sumayya will teach you how to make lavash bread and other mezze dishes, the Middle Eastern way.

Session Five

A Middle Eastern feast wouldn’t be complete without rice. You will learn how to make perfect saffron based rice dish such as tahdig or tachin.

Close 3pm