Kaleyard Catering


Kaleyard is a social enterprise cookery school and catering kitchen based in the Toryglen Community
Base. We are passionate about organic, wholesome and local produce and we focus mainly on a
vegetarian and vegan menu.

We can however offer non-vegetarian catering on request but please bear in mind that in keeping with
our ethos we will only source this from ethical local farms, as much as possible, therefore we hope
that you will appreciate the cost of a non- vegetarian menu.

We pride ourselves on being committed to using the freshest local seasonal vegetables or organic
produce that Scotland offers (as much as possible). Our menu reflects the multi-cultural fabric of
Glasgow with the strong focus on our head cook’s Sumayya Usmani’s Pakistani and Indo-Persian
heritage. Sumayya is an award-winning cookbook author. food educator and the founder of Kaleyard.

All vegetable options are: between £5.50 – £8.50 per person / All meat options are £9 per
Some of our vegetarian mains include:
• Medley tarka daal with spicy tamarind and crispy red onions
• Fragrant chickpea and seasonal veggie curry
• Seasonal veggie and homemade paneer biryani
• Aubergine and red pepper borani (yoghurt and tomato layered dish
• Sindhi Karri – a comforting turmeric and yoghurt stew with chickpea flour dumplings
• Vegan ‘gormeh sabzi’ – a delicious mushroom and kidney bean stew with mixed herbs, dried
limes and pomegranate molasses
• Middle Eastern platter with baba ghanoush (smoked aubergine dip), labneh with Lebanese
za’taar and lemon, muharammah (roasted red pepper dip), rainbow falafel, studded vine
leaves with barberry and black cumin and pita flatbread
• Boreka – filo pastry filled with feta, spinach and spices
Non-vegetarian options include (but not limited to)
• Nihari Stovie: A slow cooked lamb shank curry with stovie vegetables, our Pakistani Scottish
• Ajwain and turmeric fish pakoras with bramble chutney
• Beef and aubergine stew with okra and apricots
• Lamb Gormeh Sabzi
Optional extras:
+ organic basmati rice, with saffron or without saffron
organic sourdough bread, homemade chapatti or oatcakes
£1/person in addition

We also offer a range of snacks and street food. These range from £5 – £7.50 per person:
• Lentil and potato ‘bun kebab’ – Pakistani street food favourte, a soft brioche bun, lightly toasted in
homemade organic ghee, with a lentil and potato herbed pattie with tamarind chutney, coriander
chutney and salad
• Paneer kebab roll – Another Pakistani favourite street food, paratha breads wrapped up with
seasonal chutney, salad and chargrilled homemade organic paneer
• Kala chanay – Black chickpea salad tossed in white poppy seeds, tamarind chutney, red onions and
• Crispy okra fries: Okra strips tossed gram flour, lightly fried and topped with piquant chaat masala
and served with fresh seasonal berry chutney

Sandwiches are from £5.50 per person:
• Halloumi and beetroot hummus on flatbread
• Rainbow veggie baguette
• Green chilli and mango toastie
• Spicy beans and feta on sourdough
• Beetroot shami kebab and dill chutney in paratha parcels
• Chilli, coriander and cardamom zahoog and roasted red pepper
We can make non-veg sandwiches upon request

Cakes and Desserts: (vegan and gluten free options available for an extra £1.50/person)
Single portions of cake from £2.50/person
Whole round cake £30 (serves 12) or a traybake cake £45 (serves 24)
Pakistani sweets £2.50/person (menu on request) Middle Eastern sweets £2.50/person (menu on

Please contact us with any dietary requirements or if you require on-site catering for a
special event or you have an order for more than 200 people, we are happy to work out a
competitive deal.

Further Information – please read before you make your order
• There is a delivery charge of £10
• We are also open to discussing catering on-site for larger events
• For any enquiries that are over 30 people we need at least 2 weeks notice
• The food will be delivered, and service is not included
• We can supply bio-degradable and compostable Vegware items such as lunchboxes,
plates, bowls, napkins and cutlery for your event, so please be sure to ask for this.
There is a small additional charge for these items.
• Included in the delivery we can provide a list of the ingredients and allergens if this is
something that you require, so please let us know
• All the food we make is vegetarian, and we offer gluten-free and vegan options too.
The ingredients we use are almost always organic and the fruit and vegetables we source are
local or organic.
• Our menu changes with the seasons so please do ask us for any updates when you are
about to place an order.

We are a social enterprise so any profits that are made from our catering go towards funding our
community cookery classes. Please do get in touch with any enquires you may have

Sumayya Usmani at hello@kaleyard.org